Album Cover
Blues Got a Hold on Me
Nelsen Adelard
Released: Jan 1, 1999
Label: J-Bird Records
Track Listing
1 Don't Stop Now
2 Tell Me "Honey why'd you do me wrong?"
3 Black and Blue
4 Blues Got a Hold On Me
5 Didn't Have to Leave Me Alone
6 Give It One More Try
7 Jocko's in the Bayou
8 Jive Talkin Mama
9 Gotta Boogie
10 Ain't Misbehavin

Liner Notes

Nelsen Adelard
Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards
John Duzik - Bass
Nick De Gaulejac - Drums
Steve Gabil - Guitar
Rick Arbuckle - Sax
Michael Monarch
Keyboards on Tracks 3,6 & 8 
Slide Guitar on Tracks 4 & 7

Michael Monarch

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