Nelsen Adelard's fifth solo album South By Southwest.

Blue Track is proud to announce the release of Nelsen Adelard's fifth solo album South By Southwest. The title has nothing to do with Austin's annual music festival, but it best describes Nelsen's musical journey from Los Angeles to his new home in McComb Mississippi.


Recorded at Audiophile Studios located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, with Louisiana natives James Slaughter on bass and Greg Worley on drums the rhythms are simple but infectious and steeped in a southern groove. 

The album starts out with two live songs borrowed from James Cotton's song book and taken from a show Nelsen did with his Los Angeles band before leaving town in July of 06. One More Mile and Rocket 88 give the listener a strong dose of the live shows that made Adelard a staple in the LA Blues scene for many years. 


What follows are eight new originals. Spanning every facet of the Blues, From West Coast Jump, to Chicago Blues to New Orleans and back. There's even a Blues Rock number that's sure to raise some traditional eyebrows. 


Adelard lives up to his "Jack Of All Trades" handle by writing and arranging all the originals as well as singing and playing guitar, harmonica and piano. He once again teams up with recording wizard Richard Robinson to cook up this very tasty slice of American Blues Pie...

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