The Nelsen Adelard Band's sixth album Voodou By You.

Blue Track is proud to announce the release of The Nelsen Adelard Band's sixth album “Voodou By You”. The title is a lighthearted nod to the crazy things our better halves can seemingly make us do without our knowledge.


The album starts out in true Adelard form with the original “I Need Tonight With You” through five Delta Blues jams to the title track “Voodou By You.”


What follows are four more originals reminiscent of the cut back trio approach Adelard took on his previous album, There’s even an a cappella type harmonica and drum number that showcases Nelsen’s affinity for the original.


Nelsen moved down to the Clearwater, Florida area and hooked up with his old friend and band mate, Jon Puhl. They played together in early incarnations of the NAB back in the 70s. Puhl brought with him a tight rhythm section of Mick Donner on bass and Phil Christman on drums. Nelsen’s old friend and west coast band mate, Mark Norris even pops in for a couple tracks on the saxophone.


The new album “Voodou By You” is a smoking example of their combined talents. Excellent performances, great riffs and a no nonsense approach to modern Blues.


Mixed and mastered by Richard Robinson. “Voodou By You” was released March 15th 2015 and is available on iTunes and

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