Nelson Adelard's most recent disc is a treat
Nelson Adelard's most recent disc is a treat. Nelson was on the West Coast for a number of years, and he recently relocated from Southern California to Mississippi. Here he plays harmonica, guitar, piano and sings -- and he does each with an abundance of energy and joy. [Read More...]
South By Southwest (Blue Track Records)
Nelsen Adelard is one of the more consistently underrated Southern California blues cats on the scene today. South By Southwest (Blue Track Records), his fifth album, continues his trend of first-rate blues delivered in "no nonsense" fashion. [Read More...]
South By Southwest
No, Nelsen Adelard's new album doesn't have anything to do with Austin's annual South By Southwest music festival. Rather, it traces Adelard's own journey, physical as well as musical, from the West Coast Blues scene to the Deep Blues of McComb Mississippi. Along the way, South By Southwest showcases Adelard's tremendous personal and musical versatility. [Read More...]
South by Southwest reviewed by Steve Jones
The West Coast blues scene has lost a regular due to the departure of Nelsen Adelard for his new home in McComb, Missisippi, but it resulted in an outstanding fifth solo album release that all of us (including the West Coast) can enjoy. “South by Southwest” offers us some insight into Adelard’s feelings about the move and both his old and new homes. [Read More...]
Nelsen Adelard – South By Southwest
Last year I cranked out a very positive review of Nelsen Adelard’s 2007 release, Blues Still Got A Hold On Me. It was full of great tunes and nice mix of West Coast jump, and other interesting facets of the Blues. At that time Nelsen had already moved to McComb, Mississippi, and the recording was actually a re-release of a cd he had done with his swingin’ Los Angeles band. The first two tunes on this new cd are also recorded with the same band, but after that it is all Nelsen Adelard and a couple of French Quarter Bluesmen, James Slaughter on bass and Greg Worley on drums [Read More...]
Blues Still Got a Hold on Me
Blues Still Got A Hold On Me is the reissue of Nelsen's first album, originally released in 1999. This one grabs the listener from the first note and holds on for all it's worth throughout. [Read More...]
Blues Still Got a Hold on Me
A professional musician since the age of 15. Nelsen Adelard cut his teeth on the East Coast's Blues Circuit. His Blues Journey has taken him to both coasts, to Louisiana and to his current home in Mississippi. [Read More...]
Blue Art Studio
Although Nelsen has been playing the blues for a good number of years; he did not embark on a recording career until 1999 and so far his album tally is four. Here we have the third and fourth respectively. During his long and varied career Nelsen has on occasions, supported artists ranging from the late great Muddy Waters through to James Cotton, Matt ‘guitar’ Murphy and Johnny Winter. [Read More...]
Nelsen Adelard: Unplugged
With several familiar cover tunes and 5 fresh originals, Nelsen Adelard's new CD features his acoustic band in a country setting that centers on his comfortable vocals his refreshing guitar, and his soulful harmonica. [Read More...]
Take Me Back
In a day when many blues CDs make the listener think "... been there, done that, heard it before ...," it's refreshing to have an independent disc come out of nowhere that gives a nice kick in the pants to the blues genre. [Read More...]
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