Blues Still Got a Hold on Me

Blues Still Got A Hold On Me is the reissue of Nelsen's first album, originally released in 1999. This one grabs the listener from the first note and holds on for all it's worth throughout.

Adelard is a well-rounded performer...a solid vocalist, excellent guitarist, more than proficient on harp and he plays keyboards. In short, Nelsen Adelard does everything short of walking on water...and does it well. He's also an exceptional songwriter, writing nine of the CD's ten tunes. From straight-ahead Blues tunes to Jump and soulful ballads, this band handles it as well as anyone I've heard to date...and I've heard them all. I've always stated that, generally speaking, an artist is only as good as his backing band. This band has what it takes to get the job done and then some. This piece is so sweet that I almost feel I owe the band an apology for not being familiar with their work. There's not a cut on the CD that I would not recommend highly. If this one is not available through your local record store, check out the website at: It's worth the effort.

Bill Wilson
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